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Winter in Innisfil

November 29, 2010

Winter in Innisfil

I never was much of a winter person; I mean how could anyone possibly like winter? The thought of having to bundle up before I ventured outside to scrape the snow and ice off of my car and then having to clear a path out of my driveway while letting my car warm up sent chills down my spine. This was my sentiment for most of my life, that is until I moved to Innisfil.

It was a sunny Saturday Morning in February when I finally developed an appreciation for what this season has to offer. My wife and I were driving down Innisfil Beach Road when she commented on how beautiful the view was, and she was right. Freshly fallen snow adorned the trees and fields on both sides of the road and it really was quite spectacular. We decided to drive by the lakefront and I was amazed at what I saw. A small village had sprung up on the lake almost overnight! There were hundreds of ice huts scattered across the lake as far as the eye could see and the lake was alive with activity. A group of children were skating on a small patch of ice that had been cleared while others were building snow men and making snow angels nearby. There were couples out for a romantic stroll along the shoreline while the snowmobiles zipped across the lake. It was unlike anything that I had ever seen.

It was then that I realized that there is so much to enjoy in the winter particularly in this beautiful part of country that we call home. The landscapes that we enjoy all year round are magnificent but in the winter months are truly breathtaking. Many people travel far distances to enjoy the picturesque views and countless activities that we are privileged to have right in our own backyards.

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