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What is African Mango?

March 11, 2013

What is African Mango?

The African Mango is a fruit that comes from Irvingia Gabonesis tree native to West Africa. For thousands of years it has been a staple in the diet of the local people as well as used for medicinal purposes. The nut of the fruit was ground up and used in cooking and the paste was taken on long hunting trips to prevent hunger.

Within the last 20 years it has been recognize by scientists in western culture for its incredible health benefits. Originally it was studied for its benefits for regulating cholesterol. Not only did the studies show it lowered cholesterol but in every study there were significant weight loss results, averaging 12.8 pounds after 10 weeks.

How does African Mango help you lose weight?
•Burns Fat – targets stubborn fat, not muscle mass or water loss. Increases fat burning by speeding up metabolism and burning stored fat.
•Suppresses Appetite – Leptin, the major hormone of obesity, tells the body it has had enough to eat. Lower leptin levels cause more cravings and hunger. African Mango is a leptin regulator, helping you to feel full.
•Delays Digestion – your food will digest slower helping you stay full longer, aiding in weight-loss.
•High Fibre – high source of soluble fibre which helps to suppress the appetite, acts as a bulk-forming laxative and helps your body eliminate toxins.

There are no known side-effects, no known interactions and African Mango is safe weight-loss and all around beneficial extract.

Thank you again, Mother Nature.

The Innisfil Scope Newspaper

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