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This is the time of year when we make resolutions, changes, improve our health and well being

January 25, 2013

This is the time of year when we make resolutions, changes, improve our health and well being

Promises to quit smoking, lose weight, start a fitness program, detox/cleanse the body. There are simple solutions for all of these.

Quit Smoking
Smoking Cleanse – 30 day program, cleanses the lungs, helps with stress, sleep and cravings. Most people return to their smoking addiction due to stress, helping to relieve the stress makes quitting more successful.

Weight Management
There are many natural supplements to aid with your weight-loss depending on what you need. Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean are excellent supplements to help get unwanted fat moving. Chromium and cinnamon can help regulation sugar cravings and glucose levels. And healthy Meal Replacement Shakes– replace breakfast and lunch adding small nutritious snacks in between for greater weight-loss. These will keep you feeling satisfied, speed your metabolism, supply you with antioxidants and increase daily bowel movements. All are excellent for weight management!

Fitness Program
Walking everyday for 20 minutes – great cardiovascular support, fresh air, and gentle on the body. Also, yoga is a gentle and effective way of moving the body, increasing oxygen flow and calming the mind – there are good local programs as well as dvds available at the health store.

Detox/Cleanse Program
There are many herbal cleanses to clean and strengthen the body. The purpose of internal detox is to clean the organs (especially your liver and other detox organs), and all body systems, thereby increasing healthy function, metabolism and energy. There are suitable, simple cleanses for everyone. The kits are based on an individual basis and you would need to come in for a quick consult to see which will be most effective for you. Cleaning the liver, intestines and colon help with metabolism and regularity, therefore helping with weight management, energy and overall well-being.

New Years’ Resolutions made easier !

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