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The Magic of Christmas

December 15, 2012

The Magic of Christmas

Itís hard to believe that another summer has come to an end and the cold blustery weather is just around the corner. The trees have shed their lush green foliage and gone dormant in preparation for their long winter slumber and the woodland creatures are gathering their final stores before settling in to warmth of their burrows.
Store merchants are busy at work ordering and displaying their Christmas inventory and family and friends are already flipping ahead in their calendars to plan their Christmas festivities. For some, Christmas is simply a time of social events and traditions but for many, Christmas is the most special of religious holidays. With its origins etched in the pages of the bible the Christmas season carries the message of hope, salvation and everlasting life. I personally look forward to the Christmas season, not necessarily because of the religious aspects, or the fact that I do enjoy the holiday traditions but I truly enjoy Christmas because of the magic of this incredible season.
You see having been born and raised in Toronto in what is considered to be one of the most multicultural cities in the world, I have seen the magic of Christmas and how it affects everyone from all different denominations, backgrounds, ethnic origins and beliefs. Christmas is the one time of year when everyone seems to be kinder and more compassionate to others, more willing to give a donation to those in need, to share a smile with a neighbor, or to simply hold a door open for a stranger. Despite what your beliefs are, if any, Christmas is the time of year when we all enjoy spending time with loved ones, eating our favorite foods and taking time to reflect on the past year while planning for the year ahead. Christmas is the time when most of us take leave of our worries and stresses and for a moment in time enjoy all that is good in our lives. To me, this is the magic of Christmas, a holiday season rooted in religion but spanning far beyond cultural differences and spiritual beliefs bringing everyone just a little closer together if only for a moment, what could be more magical than this?

Have a truly happy holiday season

Alistair Hunter-Gafur, PTS

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