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Researchers say that Omega-3 deficiency is the cause of 96,000 deaths every year in the USA

September 26, 2009

RICHMOND HILL. A recently released Harvard Study claims Omega-3 deficiency is responsible for more deaths than the consumption of trans fats. Researchers at Harvard University determined that there were 72,000-96,000 preventable deaths each year due to Omega-3 deficiency, compared to 63,000-97,000 for high trans fat intake. This underlines the importance of Omega-3 intake, an essential fatty acid that contributes to cardiovascular and brain function as well as improving immunity in children and offering relief to people suffering from arthritis.

Platinum Naturals, a Canadian supplements manufacturer, incorporates Omega 3s in their supplement formulas. Platinum Naturals has confirmed that Omega 3 fatty acids are not only beneficial, but they improve nutrient absorption when combined with other supplement ingredients. Omega 3 is a foundation ingredient in their exclusive Omega Suspension Technology OST TM nutrient delivery system.

The study jointly funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through the Association of Schools of Public Health, drew on 2005 data from the US National Health Centre for Health Statistics concluded, "The risk factors in this analysis can be influenced through both individual-level and population-wide interventions, and intervention should be a, high priority."

"Modern agricultural and food production processes have led to a higher concentration of omega-6 compared to omega-3 fatty acids in a typical western diet. Omega-3 and omega-6 oils compete for use in the body, therefore a diet high in omega-6 oils to the detriment of omega-3 oils may lead to the production of excessive pro-inflammatory factors that may have negative health repercussions. The simplest way to remedy this would be to consume more omega-3 and fewer omega-6 fatty acids" says Peter Karner, RHN and Education Director for Platinum Naturals.

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