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Natural Health Supplements for Your Pet

February 18, 2012

Natural Health Supplements for Your Pet

Many animals suffer from the same illnesses and age-related issues as people:
•Stress and anxiety
•Compromised immune system
•Hip dysplasia
•Digestive issues
•Dry skin, thinning fur/hair

There are many safer alternatives to more invasive procedures and pharmaceutical products that have toxic side-effects, and are less expensive. Vitamins, herbs, and minerals have proven to be beneficial for dogs, cats, horses, and birds.

Just as humans suffer from increased stress, pets also become anxious from moving to a new home, new additional pets, loss of an animal or human companion, illness, surgery, change of routine, or a family member goes on holiday. They can react by refusing to eat, urinating indoors, destroying furniture, barking, etc. There are many herbal formulas such as valerian that can help.

As pets age they can suffer from complications of repetitive strain on the joints and tendons, like we do. They can also suffer from hip dysplasia which is the result of abnormal development of the hip joint in young animals. Hip Dysplasia also happens in middle-aged and older animals and is accompanied by osteoarthritis. Fortunately, natural minerals and herbs such as glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin sulphate, and MSM will help with joints, tendons and ligaments.

Like people, pets get great results from adding essential fatty acids to their diet. Fish and plant oils give them shiny coats, moisturized skin, and less shedding too! Enzymes and probiotics are formulated to help our furry friends with a range of digestive issues including loose bowels, constipation, and fur balls.

Many commercial pet foods have preservatives and chemicals added that cause many negative issues – wholesome, preservative-free foods are more beneficial along with fresh foods.

A good diet and exercise will go far in helping maintain you pet’s health and natural herbs can help for specific illnesses and the give them good health and vitality for life.

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