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Low in Energy??

June 4, 2014

Low in Energy??

Lack of energy can be frustrating. There are a few different reasons for not having energy.
1. Bad diet eating refined foods, fast foods, sugars and saturated fats
2. Not enough water daily
3. Not enough vitamins and minerals on a daily basis
4. Lack of exercise and fresh air
5. Stress and fatigue
6. Hormonal imbalance

When you experience unusually high levels of mental stress or physical stress you over stimulate the nervous system causing health complications. Take breaks, have periods of relaxation, and good amount of sleep each day, to regenerate your body and mind.

Ensure you are eating healthy (whole foods, whole grains, and fresh produce) to feed your body and mind the essential nutrients. Also make sure you are eating regularly, do not skip meals and definitely do not skip breakfast! Have a high protein breakfast every morning.

Make sure you are drinking spring water throughout the day.

Supplementation with Vitamin B Complex (all the B vitamins) may be all you need. For extra energy ginsengs, mushrooms, moringa and green tea capsules. If you feel it is hormonal, maca root can help and there are many natural hormone-balancing formulas available.

More energy, more fun!

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