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Hello Summer…

June 2, 2011

Hello Summer…

Summer is finally here and it is time for us to enjoy our favorite warm weather activities. Whether you enjoy cycling, rollerblading, boating, fishing, going for a cruise on your motorcycle or any of the many other activities this season has to offer, now is the time to do it. With only a few months of warm sunny weather it’s important to make the effort to enjoy it to its fullest while it lasts.
For my wife and I, summer includes a broad spectrum of activities. Everything from lazy afternoons lounging on the back deck and enjoying the sights and sounds of the wildlife that frequent our backyard to hiking nature trails or taking road trips and exploring places we have never seen. Summer time is truly an amazing time of the year.
Now is the time to put down the remote and pick up a shovel and do some gardening or maybe take a drive to a local farm and pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables, but whatever you decide to do, do it outside. The warmth of the sun on your shoulders, the smell of lilacs in the garden and the sound of wicker creaking as you slip into our favorite deck chair are enough to relax you after even the most stressful day.
Our bodies crave the sunshine just as the flowers and trees do and getting a little sunshine and fresh air each day will not only help to boost your immune system but it will help to improve your mood and lower stress levels.
Enjoy this summer and make the best of it.
Wishing you a safe and enjoyable summer,

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