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Healthy Leg Veins

June 20, 2011

Healthy Leg Veins

Do you need help with:
•Varicose veins?
•Leg swelling and legs feeling heavy?

Many people experience vein issues – some are cosmetic concerns and some more serious. Blood flow restriction leads to pooling, leakage and discolouration. Bad leg circulation can be caused by:
1.pressure – excessive standing, lifting, obesity and pregnancy
2.toxins – weakens vascular walls
3.blockage or defects – injury, infections, plaque or water retention

For healthier leg veins you will need to improve circulation, strengthen the walls of the veins, reduce the pressure and support tissue repair. Taking regular walks and trying to avoid standing or sitting in one position will help. Also regularly supplementing with natural, nutritional herbal support:

Horsechestnut – good circulation internally and externally (topical gel soothes and helps repair)
Antioxidants (ie, rapeseed extract) – strengthens walls
Vitamin C – strengthens walls, promotes collagen
Cayenne – good circulation
Butcher’s Broom – anti-inflammatory, helps open veins
Dandelion – mild diuretic, helps eliminate water retention

These will help improve circulation and give you more youthful, healthy looking legs!

Health & Happiness,
Alcona Beach Health Shoppe

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