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Health store bulking up on Saturday

April 25, 2010

Health store bulking up on Saturday

Innisfil Scope

One of Canada's top bodybuilders will be talking nutrition at the Alcona Beach Health Shoppe March 20.

International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness professional Scott Milne will sign autographs and help endorse Mutant Mass and Mutant Pro sports supplements. Milne, a London, Ontario resident, has been featured in commercials, television shows and bodybuilding and fitness magazines over the last few years.
He is known for his strength and massive bulk, standing six-feet, five-inches tall and weighing over 300 pounds.

"I started weight training when I was 15 (years old)," said Milne, in a telephone interview last week. "I was in my first competition when I was 20. All my brothers and sisters have been in athletics; I come from a family of five kids; we were very competitive. That was the time when Arnold (Schwarzenegger's) movies were coming out. I was just mesmerized by how he looked."
Residents will get a rare opportunity to see a wellknown bodybuilder up close, and discuss weightlifting and muscle toning techniques, said store owner Alistair Hunter-Gafur.

"He is considered the one of the largest and strongest bodybuilders in the world," said Hunter-Gafur. "(He) has become well known for his incredible feats of strength and enormous size."

Milne has placed second at two National Bodybuilding Championship competitions, and third at the North American

Milne enjoys speaking about the sport, and dispelling some of the myths associated with bodybuilding. Often, the athletes are called 'meatheads', and accused of heavily using steroid.

"I'm coming up to the store to talk about the products and explain the quality of (them)," he said. "If a younger guy wants to start working out, the best bet is to get a lot of information on it. There's a lot of misinformation (about bodybuilding) out there. You can develop your body more symmetrically, right from the get-go. It's not about how much you can lift, it's all about form and control of the weights. Trust me, you'll get a lot stronger.

"Whether someone takes steroids or not, it still comes down to hard work, education, following a diet and training everyday. Diet, as far as bodybuilding goes, is 85 per cent of the equation. It's easy for people to say you're on steroids out of jealousy. It's an easy scapegoat."

But bodybuilders are very well educated about nutrition, and have received unfair criticism, said Milne.

"They're extremely smart when it comes to studying the body, because that's all they do," he said. "These people aren't just going to the gym and tossing weights around. It's pretty calculated when you're at the top level."

The appearance will take place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, call the store at 431-5483 or visit www.alconabeachhealthshoppe.com.

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