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Get Strong Nails, Thick Hair, Great Skin Now

April 14, 2012

Get Strong Nails, Thick Hair, Great Skin Now

Have you noticed lately that your nails are chipping, peeling and not growing fast? Does your skin have more wrinkles? Is your hair breaking or thinning? You may be collagen deficient. Collagen is the glue that makes your nails strong, your hair elastic and your skin smooth. We are born with plenty of collagen that is why a babys skin is sobsoft and smooth.

Collagen is made in the body from silica that we get from the food we eat. Unfortunately our diet does not provide enough of the building blocks to make silica in abundance. When collagen production declines our nails, hair and skin lose their strength and elasticity. Enhancing collagen production leads to improved skin, with more elasticity and fewer wrinkles. Hair becomes thicker, stronger and grows faster. Nails will be less brittle and grow stronger.

Collagen is also important for maintenance and growth of bones and joints. It also helps improve calcium absorption and increases flexibility of the bones. Taking silica every day will not only help with glowing skin, hard nails and thick hair, you will also be building nice strong bones.

Health & Happiness,
Alcona Beach Health Shoppe

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