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Fall is Time to Think about Parasite Cleansing

September 28, 2012

Fall is Time to Think about Parasite Cleansing

Yes, parasites exist in our society! They are organisms that live in our body and feed off cells and the food we eat. Parasites are not a problem that exists only in third-world countries. In fact, studies have shown 85% of North Americans have at least one parasite, but the statistics are probably much higher. The Centre of Disease Control considers parasites the number one health risk!

This is a widespread, unrecognized problem. Unfortunately, the average physician does not recognize parasites when determining health issues.

There are many symptoms of parasites:
•Diarrhea and/or constipation
•Bloating, gas, cramps
•Irritable Bowel Syndrome
•Ongoing skin conditions
•Dark circles under the eyes
•Lack of energy, sleep problems
•Increase or decrease of appetite
•“Granulomas” –tumor-like lumps that encase parasites or larvae
•Post nasal drip
•Teeth grinding
•Rectal itching
•Brain fog
•Pain in belly button area

As parasites enter the blood system they can travel to any organ in the body and be diagnosed incorrectly, ie, roundworm in the stomach can appear to be a peptic ulcer. A bad diet can contribute to parasite infestation; they are more likely to survive in a nutrient deficient body. They enter the body through the mouth, nose, walking barefoot, or by insects. Common sources are: contaminated soil, contaminated fruit and veggies, raw or rare meat, pets, mosquitoes, contact with feces, polluted water, contact with someone who has parasites.

Fall is the natural time that Mother Nature aids in ridding the body of parasites. Foods like squash, pumpkins, and pumpkin seeds help with parasite cleansing. Parasite detox/cleaning kits are vital and are formulated to kill parasites and their larvae. Also, emphasize organic vegetables and eliminate refined foods and sugars in your diet.

Ridding your body of parasites is extremely important for your health.

Health & Happiness,

Kimberly Hunter-Gafur, RNCP, ROHP
Alcona Beach Health Shoppe

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