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Are you trying to build muscles but just canít get past that plateau?

June 26, 2010

Are you trying to build muscles but just canít get past that plateau?

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If you want to build muscle you have to put in the work at the gym and we have all heard the expression, no pain, no gain. However, sometimes despite how much work you put in at the gym and how strict you are with your diet you can sometimes hit the dreaded plateau. This is when no matter what you do you just canít seem to make any progress. Many people who are not achieving the results they are looking for are finding that creatine may be the boost they need to get beyond that plateau. Creatine is a supplement that has become widely popular with athletes and workout enthusiasts over the past few decades because of its ability to increase performance in high intensity activities. It is a compound that is naturally produced in the body, formed by three primary amino acids, L-arginine, L-glycine and L-methionine. It is also found in small amounts in red meat and fish.

Supplementing with creatine greatly increases the production of ATP, the primary energy source used for bursts of energy. This is why creatine has become very popular with bodybuilders trying to pack on the muscle. Creatine provides bodybuilders with extra energy to lift heavier weights than they would normally be able to for quicker muscle growth, more intense workouts and preventing plateau. Creatine may just be the extra edge you need! Creatine is available in a variety of forms and flavors and has quickly become the most popular sports supplement among those looking for the perfect physique.

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