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A Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit

June 4, 2012

A Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit

A few days ago I took my car in for an oil change. The gentleman that was preparing to change the oil on my car asked me what kind of oil I would like him to use. I asked him to explain what my options are and he courteously described the differences. It soon became obvious that the more costly the oil, the better it was for my car. He explained that the most expensive of the options being the synthetic oil was best for my engine because it improved engine performance and would extend the life of my engine. Being that I drive a fair distance back and forth to work and my car is vital to earning a living, why would I not use only the best oil in my car? Surely I am not alone in this belief.

So why is it we are so concerned about what type of oil and gas we put into our vehicles but when it comes to the fuel we use in our bodies we are not as concerned? Are our vehicles more important that our physical, mental and spiritual health?

I truly believe that the key to longevity is a healthy mind, body and spirit and I believe this begins with what we put into our mouth. Just like your car, your body’s performance can improve or decrease based on what fuel you choose for you body. Fuelling your body with whole, unrefined foods high in protein and essential vitamins and minerals will have your body operating at peak performance. When your body is performing optimally your mental and spiritual well being will also be enhanced.

I also believe that this works in reverse as well. It is important to maintain your mental and spiritual health to keep your body healthy. An individual whose mental and spiritual well being is compromised by stress and negativity will no doubt be subject to diminished physical health. The human mind is a very powerful entity which governs every aspect of our bodily functions, which can extend from our emotions and behaviors to physical movements.

To be truly healthy and balanced it is just as important to manage your mental well being as it is to keeping your body in a peak physical state. Maintaining a positive attitude and managing or eliminating stress is essential to achieving enlightened mental and spiritual health.

I wish you health and happiness and a balanced body, mind and spirit. Enjoy this wonderful summer season.

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