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2012 – The Year of The Golden Age

January 2, 2012

2012 – The Year of The Golden Age

2012 the year of controversy and speculation is here and for many a multitude of questions will finally be answered. Some believe that 2012 is the end of times while others believe that this is the year of transition and cataclysmic change.

The hype of 2012 has been greatly fueled by Hollywood’s many depictions of doom and gloom however; there are many that believe that 2012 is quite the opposite. New Age interpretations have suggested that the 2012 winter solstice marks a shift into a new cycle and the dawn of a Golden Age, one of enlightenment and a re-connection with the earth and nature.

I personally do not believe that “the world is coming to an end” and I do believe that we have already begun to enter this new era of a Golden Age that has been prophesized. Just take a look around, everyone seems to be more conscious of this precious planet that we inhabit. Think back about 15 years ago, how many people do you know that recycled and composted? Take a walk down the aisles of you local grocery store and take note of how many environmentally friendly products line the shelves. All across the world organizations plan clean up days where people take time out of their schedule to pitch in and clean up their communities. Many people are going back natural health products as an alternative to modern day medicine, using plant based remedies to heal and strengthen their bodies which not only have no negative effect on the environment, but have been in existence from the beginning of time and are the original medicine.

With the prophecies and prediction of enlightenment and re-birth I hope everyone finds it in their hearts to be kinder to the planet and each other and I wish everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous 2012.

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