Olive Leaf
Olive leaf extract comes from the olive tree, a member of the evergreen family native to the Mediterranean region but grown around the world. The therapeutic benefits of olive leaf extract lie in the active ingredient oleuropein.
Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract
1) Anti-Inflammatory Properties - Olive leaf extract contains a class of compounds called flavonoids, which possess anti-inflammatory abilities.
2) Immune System Booster - Studies have shown that people who have taken olive oil extract have achieved a better sense of wellness. The extract acts to boost the body's ability to ward of illness and disease.
3) Interrupting Pathogens - Research points to olive extract's ability to stop the replication of pathogens, including bacteria and viruses, in the body.
Other reseach has shown that benefits of olive leaf extract may include lowering blood pressure and increasing blood flow, as well as lowering cholesterol levels.