Niacin (B3 Vitamin)
NiacinVitamin is also know as B3, acts like other B vitamins to create enzymes that are essential to metabolic cell activity, synthesize hormones, repair genetic material, and maintain normal functioning of the nervous system. Vitamin b3 is necessary for red blood cell formation and blood circulation, lowers cholesterol and is a vasodilator. It assists in the maintenance of skin, nerves, and blood vessels. B3 is necessary for proper circulation and a healthy nervous system. B3 aids the gastrointestinal trac, helps with poor digestion, has many benefits for pregnant or breastfeeding women, potential reduction in heart attacks, depression, and migraine headaches and is essential for genetic material repair.

Noni Juice
Also known as the nonu or Indian mulberry, which comes from the evergreen Morinda citrifolia. It is believed to have originated in Southeast Asia and made its way to the South Pacific, namely Tahiti and Hawaii. Most noni juice products come from these two places. Many believe that noni juice benefits include relieving heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, cancer, varicose veins, broken bones and many other afflictions. Others believe noni juice benefits the immune system, aids digestion and increases metabolism.

Nutritional Yeast