About Us



The greatest strength of Alcona Beach Health Shoppe is the accumulated knowledge and experience of our professional staff. Our approach to natural healing has led us to continual research in order to source nature's finest products. We believe by sharing our knowledge and experience with our customers we empower them to make informed and healthy choices.

Alcona Beach Health Shoppe Difference
• Our professional staff is available daily to help select the right product for your specific needs
• We provide the finest quality products backed by friendly, informed service
• Our pricing policy is competitive with other natural health stores
• Natural Traditions handed down from our ancestors

Product Research
If you cannot find a product in our Shoppe, our staff will gladly research your product request to see if it is available in Canada, and we will try to get this in for you. If it is a product we do not normally carry on a regular basis, we require prepayment.

Come visit or call us if you would like to request a product search. 
Call us at 705-431-LIVE.